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  • Lengte 6.0 km
  • Tijd 4 uur



This short hike to Seldutvágge Valley is fairly anonymous at first. The trail starts at Vuoggatjålme next to a parking place for cars and caravans. The place however is only used in winter and two barriers prevent parking in summer time.

At first, you hike through dense mountain birch forest. Along the trail grow among other plants Northern Wolfs-bane and Globeflower. After c. 1 kilometre a fairly large mire is passed at the Várdalassto height. If you look really closely you can see the fendwelling species Sundew. After a further 1½ kilometres you come to the highest point along the stretch, at Bänoklippo, where it is pleasant to rest at the wind shelter which overlooks Lake Vuoggatjålmejávrre.

Then you head downhill. Closer to Seldutvágge Valley the vegetation becomes denser and the ground increasingly moist. Soon you can hear the rapids and you see a beautifully situated wind shelter with fireplace and latrine. The waters of Seldutvágge Valley make a long journey from the Norwegian border area. Further north-east, the water meanders in a delta landscape. The water glimmers green because it comes from glaciers. The river is part of the Skellefteälven catchment basin. For those who wish to continue their hike, all it takes is a walk across the 35-metre beam bridge with the river foaming beneath their feet. A number of wild flowers grow on the rocks. Harebell and Cichorieae cling on in the wind.

If you wish to continue hiking – instead of walking back on the same trail – you can continue along the connecting trail to Jurun or Vuoggatjålme.

Duration: 3–4 hours

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Lättvandrad terräng med fjällbjörk. Blöta partier ned mot älven Seldutjåhkå.


Det går buss från Arjeplog till Polcirkeln (hållplats vid väg 95, Silvervägen). Därifrån är det cirka 3 kilometer till ledstarten i Vuoggatjålme.

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