Kanotled Helge å


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  • Lengte 90.0 km
  • Moeilijkheidsgraad Blauw - medium



Paddling the canoe trail Helge å is suitable for anyone who wants to experience nature in a slightly different way. This is a waterway for canoeing through both lake and river.

Suitable starting places are Välje bathing place in Virestadsjön, Ryssby in the northern parts of the system or Sjöstugans Camping in Älmhult. It is possible to paddle both downstream and upstream, but the most common destination on this canoe trail system is Gustavsfors because the river then becomes rocky with more current. The canoe trail with its service is open 1 May - 30 September. There are eleven canoe rest areas along the trail that provide outdoor toilets, firewood and garbage cans for canoeists who want to spend the night while paddling. We only refer to these as suitable for overnight stays and it all works with the help of canoe checks that are bought in Älmhult's and Ljungby's tourist information and from the canoe renters. A canoe check costs SEK 100 and is valid for one canoe one night (ie two adults). Såganäs nature camping has more service than other rest areas and costs SEK 200 / canoe and night.

Canoeists who buy canoe checks are also offered a canoe joint fishing license at a good price. The fishing with this applies during the canoe trip from Virestad to Gustavsfors. These are also sold by the tourist informations and the canoe rental companies.

Get out - in three quick steps! 1 - Decide which distance you want to paddle. 2 - Rent a canoe and buy canoe checks for the planned number of nights. Do not forget the canoe trail fishing license if you want to fish your own dinner. 3 - Pack food and tents and enjoy the nature experience. Tent at the specified canoe rest areas and leave nature as you found it.

Respect nature by following the Right of Public Access - read more about the Right of Public Access in the link below! Canoeists should also be aware that strong winds can suddenly blow up on Lake Möckeln and that this should be included in the planning of each route. You can borrow life jackets for free at Älmhult's tourist information.

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Depending on the desired level of your adventure, you can start and stop paddling in several different places. The canoe rentals and tourist information are happy to discuss the appropriate route based on your experiences and wishes.



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