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The area is a paradise for ski mountaineers and telemark skiers. There are several peaks to conquer here and on Dalåijvies Peak, you can prove you bravery by signing the guest book. STF Viterskalet is the southernmost cabin on the King’s Trail that ends, or starts, in Hemavan.

This is how it works in a mountain cabin
Our mountain cabins offer a simple and authentic stay in multi-bedded rooms with self catering. The rooms are different sizes with bunk beds and usually heated by gas stoves. On site you will be greeted by a cabin manager. As a guest you chop wood, fetch water from the stream or lake, wash up and clean up after youself.

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Säkerhetsutrymme: Första rummet till höger i storstugan är öppet säkerhetsutrymme utanför STF-säsong. Fungerar också som hundrum.


STF Viterskalet is a cabin on the Ammarnäs – Hemavan section of the Kungsleden trail, located around 11 km north of Hemavan. The easiest way to get here is by following the Kungsleden trail from Hemavan. Alternatively, you can start in the village of Klippen, about 5 km north of Hemavan along the E 12. The distance from Klippen to STF Viterskalet is about 9 km.

For more information on trips to Hemavan, see and

The stretch between Hemavan - Ammarnäs is a designated Signature Trail, read more here.

Mountain map:
Calazo mountain map Ammarnäs-Hemavan

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