Stenfors, Naturreservat


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At Bräkneån's shore just south of Tingsryd, lies Stenfors. Here you can experience both beautiful nature and exciting cultural history. The Stenfors cultural trail runs through the reserve, which tells about the history of Stenfors with signs.In the Stenfors nature reserve, deciduous forest grows in the form of old oaks and beeches. In the old forest you will find many rare species, including a number of unusual lichens and mosses. In the vicinity of the river, otters are often seen, and the river is home to trout and the rare flat mussel species.In several places in the reserve, but especially in the northern part of the area, there are ruins, house foundations and other traces of the old ironworks Stenfors bruk, which was founded in the 17th century and operated until the late 19th century. Today, the place is a popular excursion destination.

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