Korrö, Naturreservat


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Korrö nature reserve, protected since 1970, is 42 hectares in size and consists of hay meadows, agricultural landscapes and a well-preserved cultural environment. Where Ronnebyån (the river) splits into two branches is the craft village of Korrö.

The village's history stretches back to the beginning of the 18th century, but the rapids have been used to power mills since the Middle Ages. A mill, saw, tannery and paint shop have been preserved from the old craft environment. In the past, there has also been a brewery and shoe factory here. The farm building and most of the surrounding houses are used today as a hostel, hotel and restaurant.

When the ice cap melted, it formed beautiful landforms in the nature reserve, both north and south of the crafts village. The ridge and the beach meadows are old farmland. Closest to the village are fields and hay meadows; further away pastures and finally forest.

The work on the meadow starts early in the spring, while the sycamores are still blooming on the slopes. Then you remove blown down branches and rake up twigs and leaves. This is called rice retrieval. The mowing only takes place in July - August. On the stony and hilly grounds, the scythe still works best.

The mowing and grazing in the reserve favors many light-loving plants, such as backsippa, tar flowers and meadowsweet. What is special about the nature reserve is that a lot of the Night and Day flower grows here.

There are paths through the reserve and along the paths there are signs that tell about the nature of Korrö.

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