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Unionsleden etapp 6, Edsleskog - Borgvik

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2023-08-30: Due to heavy rainfall, damage has occurred on road 2255 between Edsleskog and Svaneholm. Limited accessibility.

2023-09-06: Road 2255 from Mosstakan to Hollsten is closed in both directions due to the risk of landslides, but you can lead the bikes past.


Back in Värmland

Now you are cycling on through the Värmland countryside. At lake Ömmeln there is a nice rest area for a break. The cycle path continues towards Svaneholm on an asphalt road that winds between houses, horse pastures and through forest groves.

Svaneholm – a connecting point

Svanskog Railway Station is really a must see, the station has been in original condition since the last train departed in 1966. Don't miss The house of battles, a mandatory visit for all Star Wars and Lord of the Rings fans, and anyone who likes fantasy and Lego. Book your visit. Also worth a stop is the Svanskog Hembygdsgård with several interesting old buildings and houses. The farm is open for events. At other times booking is required.

Book accommodation for a good night's sleep. At SvanBo hostel you can book both a sauna and a hot tub. Joytrail offers basic accommodation in train compartments. Enjoy a good breakfast served in the restaurant car, where you can also order a picnic basket for your bike trip. Pedal away! Joytrail rents track trolleys for a ride on the old railway, an exciting and fun activity for both children and adults.

More activities and adventures such as climbing can be booked at Survival Center Svaneholm. Challenge each other in strategic thinking at Svanskog Paintball. If you want another day off the bike saddle, rent a canoe for a day at Kanu Center Svanskog.

The gravel road across Kilafjället is both winding and narrow with many curves and hills, then it mellows out as you cycle through quaint “Bullerby” villages to reach Västra Smedbyn.

Rustic elegance, symmetry and simplicity meet floral rococo

Visit von Echstedtska manor, the most remarkable of Värmland's still preserved old estates. Rustic elegance, symmetry and simplicity, biblical scenes and solemn austerity meet flowering paintings and curvaceous rococo interiors. The house is a strictly Carolinian manor house, built 1762-64, its interior blooming with graceful rococo. See the country's most beautiful outhouse with stunning ceiling paintings. The cafe serves savoury sandwiches, soup and classic coffee snacks with a carefully composed coffee menu; take your coffee out on the farm and enjoy the peace and quiet. The farm also has a herb garden with magical herbs and an apple orchard with apple varieties from the Värmland region.

The road to Nysäter runs on asphalt and gravel roads through varied landscapes and on winding village roads.

Nysäter, a village with ancient origins

Take a well-deserved break and discover Nysäter. Have a cup of coffee, unwind and have fun and go for a swim. Nysäter has lovely rest areas. At Värmlands Vikingacenter you can see what the streets and dwellings might have looked like in the 11th century. Learn more about Viking life, the gods, runes, ancient finds and much more. A café and a small shop selling handicrafts are located in the centre. The area also has the Viking ship Glad of Gillberga, a Viking village, a stone labyrinth, a hiking trail and a playground. Exciting things to discover for all ages

At Gillberga heritage museum there are around 8000 exciting things to discover, including a police museum, so take your time! Visits can be booked at the "Hantverkskaféet", the "craft café". There you can also enjoy a coffee with home-baked bread.

In the same area lies Kungshögen, one of three burial mounds along the Byälven that have been identified as the grave of the legendary king Olof Trätälja. Next to it are the unique market stalls where there has been a marketplace since the mid-18th century. The stalls are still in use today. Continue along the sparkling Byälven on a nice asphalt road, past fields, small farms and through the forest to Borgvik.

Borgvik – Värmland's best preserved former industrial environment

In Borgvik you can cycle along magically beautiful cultural and former industrial environments, and stop at the ruins of hut shelters to learn more about the ironworks that used to be here. In the hut shelter ruins there are tables where you can rest or enjoy your picnic. You can also eat at the Kungskvarnen, the Sliperiet or the harbour café. Public toilets are available in the stone building next to Borgvik Museum (open in summer).

Get a good night's rest at Klaraborg or Kungskvarnen.

Take your time and experience more of Borgvik

Visit Oscar Magnusson's art gallery Sliperiet, book a guided historical or dramatised guided tour. Get inspired at Borgvik's antiques and bric-a-brac shop, take a look at Hampus Karlsson's art studio, rent a kayak, canoe or SUP at Vänerkajak, have a coffee or swim at Borgvik's harbour café, walk the Lövåsslingan or Bokskogsslingan, swim at Sparnäs bathing place or just enjoy the beautiful surroundings at the shores of lake Vänern. During the month of July you can take your bike on the boat bus to Grums or Hammarö.

Continue your journey towards Karlstad

On this route you'll be cycling both on a paved road and on a gravel road past Flokerud. There you will find a renovated bus shelter that can be used for a rest break or as a rain shelter. At the end of the route, you can also enjoy a break on the veranda at Kullens Bigård, which sells honey and honey products.

In Hasseldalen there is a bathing spot with a diving tower, a kiosk open in summer, toilets and changing rooms (only available when the kiosk is open). Take a detour to Mimmi Design in Pikenberg before cycling on to Skruvstad and Vålberg on your way to Karlstad.

Discover more in the area

Visit Säffle

Visit Karlstadsregionen

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