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Skuleskogen, Nationalpark

Park narodowy

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The national park of Skuleskogen offers a divers landscape with forested valleys, mountain with great views and sandy beaches. Most people come here to see the great gorge Slåttdalsskrevan, or camp at one of the nice tent spots in the park. It is also a place where many plants and animals live.

The High Coast area holds the world record of land uplift and traces of this can be found on many places.

Skuleskogen is located at the coast between Örnsköldsvik and the High Coast bridge. It can be reached by three entrances. The west, the south and the north.

It is a national park that is great to visit the whole year around. During summer it can be a lot of visitors, but the autumn is very pretty with much less people. To visit during the winter you may need skis or snow shoes to get around.

There are more than 30 kilometers of marked hiking trails in the park och several cabins where you can spend the night. They are always open and cannot be booked. It is simple standard and you have to bring your own sleeping bag.

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