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Västermark is perfect for the outdoor life! A hiking trail leads you around the area. Remember to take your compass if you are considering leaving the path. In the northern part of the reserve, there is a basic log hut where you can rest or spend the night.

The mires and fens between islands of spruce and pine forest generate a feeling of wilderness in Västermark. The Siberian jay, the black woodpecker and rare lichens such as the Ahlner's microcalicium lichen and the parasite cup lichen are examples of species that provided the motivation for protecting the reserve. These are species that only thrive in old, untouched forests and that have had difficulty in the modern forest landscape.

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The reserve is situated in the northern part of Umeå Municipality, 3 km north-west of Botsmark. Follow the road towards Vindeln for around a kilometre. The entrance, car park and information sign can be found adjacent to Vindelnvägen.


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