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Svartsö is located in the central part of the Stockholm archipelago and is with its length of about 10 km and width of about 2.5 km one of the slightly larger islands in the area. For generations, the island has had a central and recurring place in the history of the Archipelago and Stockholm. In the past, the islands and their inhabitants had different nicknames associated with animals. The people of Svartsö were, and are, proud pigs.

Today, Svartsö is a living archipelago island with a resident population of 65 people. Here you meet open agricultural landscapes and during spring and summer meadows are in full bloom. Both flora and fauna offer a lot. The rare King Bed Lily grows in a secluded place. The two large, clear lakes are home to both the great bustard and the beaver. It offers gravel roads and lush paths, swimming in the sea and lake as well as magical winter landscapes with ice skating. During the summer, our café is open in the reception and offers coffee and lunch. The fine gravel roads make the island accessible even for wheelchair users. We have function-adapted rooms and toilets. We are open and welcome guests all year round.

My name is Lotten and I run the business. My family, husband and two children, and I live all year round on Norra Stavsudda, an island 6 minutes away (15 minutes by own boat) south of Svartsö. Svartsö Hotel & Hostel is owned by four families on Svartsö who have invested time, land, energy and money for Svartsö's future. My fantastic colleagues are all full- or part-time residents in the Stockholm archipelago.

Thank you for choosing to visit us and a warm welcome to discover our island!

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Svartsö is an island in Stockholm's central archipelago. About 2.5 hours by regular boat from central Stockholm.

On Svartsö there are 4 steamboat docks: The dock at Norra Svartsö is the closest, only 100 m from us. The dock at Skälvik on the south side of the island, 2 km from us or the dock at Alsvik, 4 km from us and Söderboudd, 5 km from us.

Both Waxholmsbolaget and Cinderella serve Svartsö. Waxholmsbolaget services the Archipelago all year around. In Stockholm, they depart from Strömkajen at the Grand Hotel. Summertime with fast boats and wintertime with ice-going boats. The current timetable is available at

May – September, the Cinderella boats also operate the docks Alsvik and Skälvik on the south side of Svartsö. Cinderella departs from Nybroviken, Strandvägen.

All year round, in addition to traveling by boat from Stockholm, there are good connections to Svartsö via the dock at Boda on Värmdö and the dock at Åsättra on Ljusterö, where there are also car parking and bus connections.

In autumn, winter and spring, the easiest way to travel to Svartsö is to go by car or bus to the dock at Boda on Värmdö. There you change to a boat and disembark at the dock at Skälvik, which is 2 km away from the accommodation on the south side of Svartsö. Let us know in advance if you wish to be met by car upon check-in.

We can also arrange our own taxi boat from, for example, Stockholm, Vaxholm or Värmdö. When the ice is lying, hovercraft traffic the winter ice from Ljusterö, the Åsättra dock. Parking is also available at, for example, Nacka Strand.

Own boat? Book a guest boat space through us in the harbor community 600m east of the Norra Svartsö dock. SEK 150/day. We are in contact before your arrival and assign you a place. Our places are between Y-bars, 3 m. wide. If you have a wider boat, let us know, and we will arrange it.



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