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Teren rekreacyjny

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Soldatängen consists of open natural pasture, hay meadow, small forest areas and an old property. The natural pasture and hay meadow are very rich in species and contain several red-listed vascular plant species. In the area there is also a small pond with larger and smaller newts. The open pasture and hay meadow are located in a power line street. The haymaking was resumed in 1995 after a long break.

The meadow is managed by Naturskyddsföreningen in Motala.

Działania i udogodnienia

  • Teren rekreacyjny Teren rekreacyjny

Wskazówki dojazdu

Soldatängen ligger vid RV34 ca 1 km norr om Motala i riktning mot Linköping.



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Hilda-Linn Berglund

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