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Domek kempingowy

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The cabin is intended for temporary stopovers and has room for 7-8 people. There are tables, seating and an emergency telephone on the site, but there is no stove and no latrine. There is a grill outside the cabin. You may only spend the night in an emergency.

There is always room in the cabin for anyone needing a roof over their head. This can sometimes mean that anyone who has been indoors for a while must move.

The County Administrative Board provides no refuse collection in the mountains, so remember to take your litter with you and tidy up after you. Remember to close the door properly when you leave the cabin.

WARNING! High metal content in the water

Extraction of silver ore at Nasafjäll lasted from 1635 to 1810. Downstream of the old silver mine openings and waste rock dumps, an increased content of arsenic, lead and other metals has been detected in stream sediment and surrounding land. There is a risk that the water is not safe to drink. Therefore, take your drinking water upstream of the mine, outside the polluted area.

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