Cykelutflykt med glass bakverk och praliner, rundtur Arboga-Kungsör-Arboga.


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Join us on a wonderful cycling excursion from Arboga to Kungsör and back. This tour also gives you the opportunity to make enjoyable stops at some of Västra Mälardalen's best cafes and farm shops. The tour offers beautiful nature, rich cultural environments and exciting historical places. You suggest starting in the center of Arboga or Kungsör.

Starting at Arboga station, you follow the cycle path out of Arboga. Perhaps you have chosen to stock up on one of the town's cafes before you leave. You leave the historic city center behind and cycle west, then follow the Arbogaån's flowing water downstream. You are heading towards the Hjälmare canal, which is Sweden's oldest dug canal. Today, Hjälmare canal is an attractive destination and is trafficked primarily by leisure boats but also by passenger boats that make regular trips during the summer season. Anyone who travels by boat through the canal from Gravudden by Arbogaån to Notholmen in Hjälmaren passes nine locks on the way, which are still opened by hand today just as they were 400 years ago.

When you pass Arboga's small airfield, in summer you can look out for gliders that take off and land on the field. They often have Arboga as a base for their flights. Shortly afterwards you will come to a small wooden bridge where you cycle over the original old canal. You cycle further south on the gravel road that follows the old canal towards Hjälmare dock. From the bridge, it is about 2 kilometers of easy cycling to Hjälmare docka.

If you want a bit more of a challenge, deviate from the marked digital trail and start by leading your bike over the E20 and cycle a short distance on the north side of the E20. Follow the small dirt road and you will reach Gravudden at the northern end of the canal. Here at the canal's mouth towards Arbogaån is the canal's northernmost lock. Here you will also meet the magnificent oak tree which is planted along large parts of the canal. Once intended to be timber for lock gates and other things needed to maintain the historic canal. You cycle further south on the road that runs along the canal and pass two locks at Säby. The southern of these was named Crown Prince Joseph Frans Oscar in 1829 after the Crown Prince at the time. The northern one was named King Karl XI. In Säby there is also a small bath with a jetty.

After a couple of kilometres, you come to Hjälmare dock. During the 19th and 20th centuries, ships were manufactured in Hjälmare dock. Shipyard operations disappeared in the 1960s, but the dock is still used for repairs and as a winter storage location. There are also three locks and two cafes here. One of them specializes in locally produced ice cream. You don't want to miss that. If the weather is nice, you can take a detour to Kvarnsjön's bathing area, which is 500 meters south of Hjälmare dock.

From Hjälmare dock, it becomes exciting as the tour for the next four kilometers goes out into partly untouched wilderness. You drive on fine forest roads in the direction of Kungsör. It is completely car-free here as the road is mainly used by the forest company in the area. This is a slightly tougher stretch as it is a bit more hilly. You ride with the forest close to you and here there is a great chance of seeing wild animals. If you have strong legs, you might choose to stop at Väggehällar, where a shorter hiking trail can take you up to Arboga's highest point, Finnhäll.

After the view stop, it was time to get back in the saddle to continue the journey towards Kungsör. You cycle through Lida and Hogsta village, before arriving at Kungsudden by Mälaren's shore. Kungsudden's royal court was founded by Gustav Vasa in the 16th century and is today a popular destination. Here you can enjoy beautiful historical surroundings, enjoy Amazing Swedish coffee or take a hiking trip up to the beautiful Jägaråsen. Several events are also organized at Kungsudden during the year. Very close by is Kungsörstorp, where you can spend the night in a hotel room.

From Kungsör, you follow the marked Mälardalsleden which passes Kungs Barkarö, which is an old cultural landscape with noble leaf pastures and the more closed noble leaf groves. The area is of national interest and is also considered to be of European interest due to its presence of old, rough oaks.

Then it's a good idea to stop at the farm shop, the flea market and the cafe at Ljungs Goa, located in Uknö. Ljungs Goa is passionate about locally produced food and here you have the opportunity to taste and stock up on local produce. It is easy to cycle through Valskog with nice cycle-friendly asphalt. If you need provisions, there is both a farm shop and a pizzeria. Here you also cross the pilgim trail that runs between the churches in Arboga and Köping. If you are thirsty, you can stop at St. Olof's spring.

The road winds its way through open agricultural landscapes. You pass larger and smaller farms on the way up to Viby.

Viby is the small village that feels a bit like Bullerbyn. Something you may not have known is that grain of such high quality is grown here that it is sold as gruel. In Viby there is also a farm with Icelandic horses that offers tour riding. Many riding camps are organized here throughout the year. You then cycle in a southerly direction back to Arboga. Soon you can see the silhouette of the city appear before you.

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Hela rundan är ca 49 kilometer

Arboga - Kungsör via Hjälmare kanal, Skäftruna, Granhammar är ca 27 kilometer.

Kungsör Arboga via Kungsbakarö, Valskog, Viby är ca 22 kilometer.

Mälartåg trafikerar Arboga och Kungsör. På Mälartåg kan du ta med upp till 4 cyklar per vagnset. Du kan då börja och sluta turen där det passar dig allra bäst.


I Ungefär halva sträckan är på asfalt och halva på grusväg.


Startar du i Arboga finns kostnadsfri långtidsparkering längs med Engelbrektsgatan invid Arboga station.

I Kungsör finns kostnadsfria parkeringar på många platser. En bra startplats är Kungsuddsvägen 8 vid Kungsudden.


Till Arboga och Kungsör finns utmärkta kommunikationer med tåg och buss. Kommer du med tåg från Stockholm Mälardalen kan du välja Mälartåg. Du kan då ta med upp till 4 cyklar per vagnset.




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