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In late June and early July, you may catch the scent of the lesser butterfly orchid in Blylodmyran’s swamp woods! Here you can also find orchids such as the calypso orchid and the lady’s-slipper orchid, as well as southerly plants such as bracken and the guelder rose.

Calcium-rich forests

The nature reserve is situated in upper Kågedalen and boasts a wealth of vegetation unusual for Norrland. The bedrock comprises ancient limestone and nutrient-rich greenstone, which produces the extremely rich orchid flora in the area. Brännberget’s pine forest offers an excellent habitat for orchids. The lesser butterfly orchid, the calypso orchid and the lady’s-slipper orchid all thrive in the calcium-rich forest. The lesser butterfly orchid has a very pleasant scent, and you can often smell the plant before you catch sight of it. The lady’s-slipper orchid’s large, yellow flowers are unmissable when the plant flowers around midsummer. The small, graceful calypso orchid is the Norrland forests’ own orchid.

The road leading to the western side of the reserve is extremely poor quality.

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Reservatet ligger ca 7 km NO om Boliden i Skellefteå kommun. Från riksväg 95 kan man beroende från vilket håll man kommer, svänga av mot Strömfors eller mot Svanström och vidare mot Nyholm. I byn Nyholm ligger ett sågverk, sväng av där mot Häbbärsfors. Kör ca 4 km och efter byn Granholm, där det är skyltat till reservatet.



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