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In late June and early July, you may catch the scent of the lesser butterfly orchid in Blylodmyran’s swamp woods! Here you can also find orchids such as the calypso orchid and the lady’s-slipper orchid, as well as southerly plants such as bracken and the guelder rose.

Catch the scent of the lesser butterfly orchid

During a visit to Blylodmyran nature reserve, you will have a great chance of encountering species that are not as common in Norrland. Thanks to the area’s bedrock, the groundwater, which in several places comes up to the surface, is unusually rich in minerals. The reserve’s alkaline fens and mixed coniferous forests therefore boast an extremely rich variety of orchids, for example. The fair calypso orchid flowers at the beginning of June, followed a little later by the stately lady’s-slipper orchid and the scented lesser butterfly orchid.

Alpine species such as the alpine saw-wort and the alpine sow-thistle grow here, along with more southerly species such as the guelder rose and bracken. For those with an interest in lichen and mosses, there is even more to discover in the forests on Myrberget.

Newts and owls

You should also take the opportunity to look out for nimble little newts in the small Storkärret lake. Three-toed woodpeckers have pecked rings around several of the spruce trunks as they drink the trees’ sap in the spring. If you visit on an early spring night, you have a good chance of hearing the Tengmalm’s owl’s characteristic hooting.

Two have become one

The old Blylodmyran nature reserve in Skellefteå Municipality has been extended to also encompass the former Myrberget reserve and the area between the two.

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Reservatet ligger ca 7-8 km nordost om Boliden i Skellefteå kommun. Från riksväg 95 kan man beroende från vilket håll man kommer, svänga av mot Strömfors eller mot Svanström och vidare mot Nyholm. I byn Nyholm ligger ett sågverk, sväng av där mot Häbbärsfors. Kör ca 4 km och efter byn Granholm, där det är skyltat till reservatet.



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