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Nätsjö Udde is located north-east in Bergslagen, just north of Grythyttan and around ten kilometers from Örebro. At the northern end of Lake Nätsjön, at a pine tree point, the sky opens up to offer a most magnificent view. The south is dominated by mountains formerly mined for silver, and the lake looks very distinct with its many islets and bays. Black-mouthed divers thrive here, and it is magical to see large flocks gathering do their “dance” out in the deep water. Natural beauty abounds in the surrounding mighty forests, rippling streams and calm lakes. People have gathered to mine these mountains since the Middle Ages.

Nätsjö Udde has become a meeting place for those who want to stay in a context where nature takes center stage. Go trail hiking or get a bit lost with a knowledgeable guide who will get you back safely. Learn to navigate by map and compass and improve your ability to read the nature. Be as sociable as you like and choose anything from complete privacy to small talk and storytelling by the fire or in the sauna. Sit and measure your perch in the boat, and learn how to clean and prepare your fresh-caught fish for dinner. Go canoeing and explore the bays with their large boulders and cliffs on the waterline. Test your balance on a modern SUP board and fall into the crystal clear waters that often reach pleasant temperatures inside the bay. Conclude your day with a sauna before retiring to your private log cabin, where you crawl into the comfortable, made-up beds for a good night's sleep.

My name is Kerstin, and I manage the hostel here with my dog Sam, a friendly and sociable male labradoodle. My four children and their families and I all grew up here at Nätsjö Udde, and I am very excited to welcome you to this unique place.


    Nätsjö Udde

    712 60 Grythyttan

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Nätsjö Udde is located a few miles north of Grythyttan in Hällefors Municipality. We are reached most easily by private car. The drive from Örebro and Karlstad takes around 1.5 hours. It takes 3.5 hours from Stockholm and 4.5 hours from Gothenburg. Ample free parking. The easiest way to find us is by entering "Nätsjö Udde" into Google Maps.

You can also get here by taking a bus or train to Hällefors. We offer paid pick-up by car. Please contact us for assistance if you are unable to make it here by car.



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