Kajakled Kuggeboda - Karlskrona Fisktorget


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  • Lengte 25.2 km
  • Moeilijkheidsgraad Rood - veeleisend



One of the longer sections on the ARK56 kayaking trail. Here the route starts in the beautiful Listerby archipelago with its many islands. Keep following the mainland and paddle north. You’ll pass many gorgeous islands and in the inner Listerby archipelago they are low-lying and covered in juniper. There is plenty of birdlife as you head towards Almö, under the Almö bridge and round the ruggedly beautiful Tromtö headland. The channel north of Haglö is also a delight, with houses on the land side and the island of Haglö to the south. The last section towards Karlskrona offers lovely little islands and harbours for small boats before finishing up in the streets of the town. Maybe celebrate arriving by kayaking through a fountain?! You are now in the middle of a town with water on all sides. If you want to explore Karlskrona, we’d recommend the Big Karlskrona loop, the Trossö loop and the Stumholm loop.

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Blekinge Arkipelag Kurpromenaden 4 372 36 Ronneby


Team ARK56

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