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This walk, close to urban areas, takes you through the forest, out to Lake Mälaren, and back into town along cycle paths. You can start and end your hike at the Gånstagården Farm on the outskirts of Enköping, or further south by Bredsand. From Gånsta, you’ll follow the easy-to-walk exercise trail through forests and pastures. The rest spot at Brännskogen is an outdoor classroom that you can use if there is no school group there. Paths and a forest road for cars will then take you through varied forests to a junction after 5 kilometres. The walk continues to the right towards Bredsand, which you will reach after a further 1.5 kilometres. Bredsand has a long, sandy beach, swimming spot and campsite with cottages in the summer. The hike back to Gånsta takes you through open landscapes along pedestrian and cycle paths for about 5 kilometres.

Difficulty level: Easy/medium, half the section is along forest paths, and half along tarmacked cycle paths.

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