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Storängsudd is an old meadowland where animals still graze and keep the land open. Experience the wildflowers in the oak and linden groves, where elder-flowered orchid and snake's head fritillary flower in the spring.

The Storängsuddsleden trail takes you around the reserve and runs partly along the shore. There are plenty of rocks where you can stop and enjoy a view over the water, or from which you can take a swim in Baggensfjärden. There is a grave field from the Iron Age in the eastern corner of the reserve. To the west, there are a number of so-called "Russian ovens", outdoor stone ovens made by Russian invaders in the 1700s.

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Toimintaa ja tilat

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Skyddat sedan 1936

Storlek: 11 hektar

Karaktär: Ädellövskog, ängs- och betesmark, kulturmiljö, skärgård

Kommun: Värmdö

Markägare: privat

Förvaltare: Länsstyrelsen

Skyddsform: naturreservat

Övrigt: Natura 2000-område Storängsudd SE0110351


By public transit: Take a bus from Slussen to the Beatelundsvägen bus stop. From there, it's a 3 km walk to the reserve. For current information on public transit, see:

By car: Turn onto Värmdöleden road towards Ingarö. After 2km, take a right at the sign "Naturreservat" onto a smaller road.


In order to protect the Storängsudd nature reserve, please respect the following rules.

Within the reserve, it is forbidden to:

  1. destroy or damage rock, soil or stone by drilling, cutting, blasting, carving, digging, painting or similar,
  2. break branches, fell or in any other way damage living or dead trees and bushes or damage the vegetation in general by digging up plants, such as shrubs, herbaceous plants, mosses or lichens or by removing fungi growing on wood,
  3. disturb wildlife (e.g. by climbing nesting trees, trapping or killing mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians),
  4. trap and collect invertebrates,
  5. bring dogs that are not on a leash,
  6. camp,
  7. make a fire,
  8. put up a message board, placard, poster, sign or make inscriptions,
  9. operate motorised vehicles or ride bicycles,
  10. park outside of designated parking areas or park a motorhome or caravan,
  11. anchor a boat for more than two consecutive nights in the reserve.

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