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Since 1883, this lighthouse at Sweden's southern cape has been a crucial landmark on the demanding coastline. The lighthouse is 17 meters tall, located a total of 19.6 meters above sea level and has a light range of 2 nautical miles. The view from the tower is absolutely stunning.

The lighthouse and its buildings are only a short walk from the old fishing port, which offers cafes, smoke-houses for fish and a charming old harbor reservoir. There is a special tranquility at the lighthouse, where you can relax in the large garden, gaze out over the sea and just enjoy the atmosphere. When you feel the need to get active, all of Scania’s southern coastline is very near. Beautiful fine-grained sand beaches are interspersed with small fishing villages. Explore the coast one day, and head inland the next day to experience the beautiful, fertile countryside with its fields and farms. Find marvelous small cafes, restaurants, farm shops, handicrafts shops and flea markets. Or take an excursion to Wallander's picturesque Ystad. With something for everyone, you won’t have any trouble filling your days with experiences.

In the former lighthouse-keeper residence and woodshed there are now eleven rooms and a well-equipped guest kitchen where you can prepare everything from breakfast to a late-night snack. Outside, large green areas invite you to play and relaxation under the apple trees. The beautiful sea breeze is complementary.

Yes, this place is amazing! We are the current permanent lighthouse-keepers, Joanna and Mick Daly, and Sheldon, our four-legged companion. We want every guest to feel part of the family, and we strive to make our place feel homely and welcoming. This experience is always created when people meet. We look forward to creating wonderful memories with you!

Mick and Joanna Daly


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Smygehuk is located on southernmost tip of Scania, about 14 km east of Trelleborg and 30 km west of Ystad. You can get here by train from elsewhere in Sweden by heading for Malmö. Malmö is about an hour away and there are regular trains to Trelleborg, the nearest railway station. From here, take bus 190 to Smygehamn and get off at Smyge Hamnen.

If arriving by your own car, there is free parking right outside the lighthouse.

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