Cykel- och vandringsleder i Persnäs - storslagen och kontrastrik natur när alvarmark, sjömark och gemytliga fiskebyar möts


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Magnificent views along the contrasting trails in Persnäs parish where alvar land, lake land and cosy fishing villages meet. Take the chance to cycle or hike coast to coast or follow the winding trails along the western or eastern side. Nature differs markedly along the eastern and western coast of northern Öland. Follow the west coast from Sandvik to Gillberga by bike or on foot. The trail winds along the water with unparalleled views of the glittering strait, limestone formations and beautiful alvar land. The Blue Maiden looms in the distance. The eastern trails are strikingly different and are mainly suitable for hiking. Here, the landscape type of lake land rules, with its lush pastures offering open views over sheltered bays. Birds thrive here and just south of the trail you will find a bird sanctuary with separate parking, lookout towers and information signs.


In Sandvik there are many nice places to stop before or after your walk along the western coast. Visit Sandvik's mill, Scandinavia's largest Dutch mill, with both a restaurant and a museum. Shop for travel food at the ICA store. Enjoy homemade ice cream at Gelato & Biscuits down by the harbour. If the delights of the sea tempt you, the family restaurant Sandviks Fisk & Hamnkök is recommended. Down at the harbour, you can also rent a bicycle if available. Bring your swimwear if you feel like a cool dip, Sandvik has a beach of both sand and beautiful white limestone.

If you choose a round trip from coast to coast or along the eastern side, Södvik, Källa and Källa harbour are well worth a visit. Centrally located in Södvik you will find the cosy Södviks Bageri & Servicehandel with both bread, pastries and food service. Stay in comfort with clean beds and breakfast at Pensionat Haga, Södviks Gästgivaregård or Hotel Persnäs. Or why not spend the night at Källa hamn Stugor & Spa in a renovated fishing hut down in the cosy harbour. At Källa Glassgård, you can get refreshing ice cream in large tubs. If you're looking for a fine camping experience in the area, Wikegårds Semesterby & Ställplats-camping will take good care of you.

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Terrain Bicycle and hiking gravel road along the western side with sensitive nature outside the road, so be sure to follow the trail. On the eastern side, the trail crosses the open pastures of the lake and is best suited for hiking.

Signposting In Persnäs parish there are several different cycling and hiking trails, hence the different signposting.

Season The trails can be experienced in all seasons of the year. Enjoy the greenery of spring, the cool breezes and bathing during the hot days of summer, the golden colours of autumn or the calm of winter.


Bicycle and hiking gravel road along the west side with sensitive nature outside the road, so be sure to follow the trail. On the eastern side, the trail crosses the open pastures of the lake and is best suited for hiking.


Down at the harbour in Sandvik.

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