Vandringsled, Sänkesjön i Forsheda


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Welcome to one of Värnamo’s new open-air recreation areas! By Lake Sänkesjön there are several trails to choose from for walking and running. The trails are accessible and run alongside Lake Sänkesjön with its beautiful moss landscape that is reminiscent of Store Mosse National Park. Some of the trails consist of wide wooden footbridges that cross the moss and are accessible. Along the trails there is a wind shelter with an exciting design and two wind shelters for overnight stays with a barbecue area. Don’t miss the small lake that is shaped like a heart and is located next to Lake Sänkesjön.

The Sänkesjön footpath extends 1 km around Lake Sänkesjön, which is located on the outskirts of Forsheda population centre. By the water there is a wide bridge where you can sit with your feet in the water.

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Underlaget är hårdpackat grus runt sjön, och över mossen går en bred träspång.


Close to the lake, on the eastern side, there is a parking area for 4 cars.

There are alson good parking facilities at Forsheda School and Forshedabadet swimming area, a few hundred metres from Lake Sänkesjön.

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