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  • Pituus 2.5 km



Nice hilly illuminated trail through forests. The trail is 2.3 km long. Rydaholms IF is responsible for maintaining the trail and organises a variety of training sessions all year round, both bare ground and on skis. There is also a winding mountain bike course inside the illuminated track.

Artificial snow track:

Rydaholms IF’s artificial snow track has been operating since 2014. The artificial snow track is opened after a certain number of consecutive below-zero days. With the help of artificial snow, ski tracks are often usable well into the spring. There is usually a track of about 1 km that you can ski on. When there is natural snow, the entire illuminated trail is turned into a track.

Track fee:

Due to the significant work and cost involved in the production of artificial snow, Rydaholms IF charges a fee to use the track. You can pay by Swish to 123 057 81 38 or directly to their bank giro 5861-9032. Persons under 18 can use the track free of charge.

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