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Ancient fields and settlement remains show that Åminne has been inhabited for a very long time. Between the lakes, Gamla Åminne (old Åminne) is surrounded by old cultivation land, wetlands and deciduous and mixed forest. There is also a magnificent heath beech forest with trees 150-200 years old and very rich stocks of hepaticas, the so-called hepatica hill.

At the nature reserve there is a car park with a waste bin and information board. A footpath of about 1-1.5 km goes through the pastures down to the lake and joins the road through the beautiful beech forest.

In the reserve we have previously had problems with wild boar ravaging parts of the grazing land. The County Administrative Board has set up wire-netting to prevent wild boar from entering and carried out extensive clearing of the brushwood that has grown up due to their rooting. Despite some damage, the area is well worth a visit.

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From Kärda, follow signs for Åminne. Follow the beautiful road until you reach the manor in Gamla Åminne. Turn towards Hånger. The nature reserve is signposted from the road.

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