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Björnberget-Gäddtjärnen is a large area of ancient forest offering a strong sense of wilderness, 20 km south-west of Bjurholm. A forest road will take you right into the heart of the reserve.

The reserve is situated some 20 km south-west of Bjurholm, by the Abborrtjärn lake, and comprises the 380 metre-tall Björnberget mountain. There are many precipices, fractures and boulders areas on the slopes of the mountain. In the north-western part of the reserve there is a beautifully situated little forest lake called Gäddtjärnen. Two other small forest lakes, Abborrtjärnen and Björntjärnen, are located on the outskirts of the reserve.

Forests characterised by fire

The forests on Björnberget have almost entirely escaped forestry. Instead, the forest has been affected by natural disruptions, such as storm damage and fires. Triangular-shaped damage at the base of the trees, known as fire scarring, bears witness to the repeated fires that have occurred here. Many species that live in these forests are dependent on fires continuing at regular intervals. As a result, the County Administrative Board will carry out controlled conservation burning in some of the area’s forests.

The Nothorhina muricata beetle lives in old pine trees

The reserve is home to many rare and threatened species that are dependent on old, natural forests. Many of the older pines have hatching holes made by the Nothorhina muricata. The Nothorhina muricata is a threatened beetle whose larvae live in old pines that are exposed to the sun. When the beetle has hatched from its pupa inside the tree, it gnaws an oval hole in the bark, 3-4 mm wide, in order to get out. The Nothorhina muricata’s hatching holes are fairly easy to recognise, as they are usually filled with reddish-brown insect droppings.

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Naturreservatet ligger cirka 2 mil sydväst om Bjurholm.



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