Vadvetjåkka National Park

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Vadvetjåkka National Park is west of Torneträsk lake by the Swedish-Norwegian border in Kiruna municipality in Norrbotten county. Those who want to visit the park should anticipate hiking. One way to get to Vadvetjåkka National Park is to hike in from Kopparåsen ridge by route E10 about 20 kilometres from the Abisko Fjällstation and 115 kilometres from Kiruna. A summer trail starts from a car park on the north side of the road E10, at Kopparåsen.

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    Today there are primarily two ways to protect nature in Sweden: as a national park or a nature reserve. A National Park offers the strongest protection. This protection is given only to a small number of scenic and extremely valuable areas. Together, the national parks form an entity of nature types which are typical for and unique to Sweden. By protecting them we can preserve our common natural and cultural heritage. In Sweden, there are 30 national parks, eight of which ...