Lunnabacken, Naturreservat


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Enjoy Lunnabacken's meadows, thick trees, forest and the fantastic view over lake Åsnen. A path connects Lunnabacken with the swimming area and the campsite in Kärrasand. Along the path you can experience beautiful orchards and the beauty of the beech forest.The Lunnabacken nature reserve is roughly 6 hectares in size and has been protected since 1960. Part of the nature reserve is a meadow surrounded by oak hills where a lot of lily of the valley grows. In the same part of the reserve is also Urshult's parish homestead, Odensvallahult's manor with a manor building, farm house, forge and barn.A few hundred meters to the west, at the end down towards Åsnen, there is a beautiful area of beech trees and north of Kurrebo there is another protected area where a lot of linden grows. Take the opportunity and visit this beautiful area, there is a lot to see and experience here!

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