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Under vintern kommer vi att bygga en torrtoalett i anslutning till naturreservatets parkering. Vi ber om överseende med eventuellt stök som kan uppstå medan arbetet pågår. (I dagsläget finns ingen toalett i reservatet.)


At the Sandemar nature reserve, you’ll find a rich historical landscape with beautiful beach meadows that are perfect for birdwatching. In the spring, enjoy hundreds of snakeshead fritillary flowers as you walk towards the sea through the grazed pastures. Sandemar is a year-round hotspot for birdlife and an important stop for migrating waders during the spring and autumn. Watch them from the bird observation tower by the beach meadow.

The area surrounding Sandemar is very biodiverse, with highly pristine and undisturbed wetlands just east of the Sandemar manor house. Here you’ll find many rare plants, such as bird's-eye primrose, early marsh-orchid, fen orchid and marsh helleborine. This special area is maintained using traditional methods that preserve its unique biodiversity.

The area is perfect for hiking and you can enjoy the view from the mountain Höggarnsberget. In the eastern part of the reserve, you’ll find the Sandemar manor house, built in the late 1600’s. It is one of the few remaining manors that were not destroyed by Russian raids in 1719.

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Skyddat sedan: 1997

Storlek: 390 hektar varav land 227 hektar

Karaktär: blandskog, ängs- och betesmark och våtmark,

Kommun: Haninge

Ägare: Sandemars fideikomiss och Haninge kommun

Förvaltare: Länsstyrelsen

Skyddsform: naturreservat

Övrigt: Natura 2000 område Sandemar SE0110015

Wskazówki dojazdu

By bus: Take the bus from the Handen bus terminal (Handenterminalen, at Haningen centrum) towards Dalarö and get off at Svärdsnäsviken bus stop, or Sandemar if you are visiting the fens. Both stops are just outside the reserve. For current information on bus routes and schedules, see

By car: From Route 73, take the exit towards Dalarö. After 15 km, take a right at the sign for "naturreservat Sandemar" into the parking lot. To get to the calcareous fens, continue on Dalarövägen road for a little over 2 km (past the manor house and the gravel quarry) and turn right onto a small unmarked road just after the gravel quarry. From the small parking lot, follow a path down to the beach and the fens.


In order to protect the Sandemar nature reserve, please respect the following rules.

Within the reserve, it is forbidden to:

  1. during the period of March 1 to August 31, traverse the area marked on the Sandemar reserve map as protected for birds (“Fågelskyddsområde” in Swedish),
  2. throughout the entire year, operate a boat or other watercraft within the area of Svärdnäsviken bay that is marked on the Sandemar reserve map,
  3. destroy or damage rock, soil or stone by drilling, cutting, blasting, carving, digging, painting or similar,
  4. break branches, fell or in any other way damage living or dead trees or bushes or damage the vegetation in general by digging up shrubs, herbaceous plants, grasses, mosses and lichens or remove fungi growing on wood,
  5. disturb wildlife (e.g. by climbing nesting trees, trapping or killing mammals, birds, reptiles or amphibians),
  6. bring dogs that are not on a leash,
  7. camp for more than two consecutive nights,
  8. make a fire outside of designated sites,
  9. park a motorhome or drydock a boat,
  10. put up a message board, placard, poster, sign or make inscriptions,
  11. operate motorised vehicles or bicycle off-road.

Rules 1-2 do not apply to landowners and their families, national or municipal officials on duty or maintenance staff working on behalf of the nature conservation administration that manages the area.


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Länsstyrelsen i Stockholm

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