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The wetland in Vagnhärad fulfills many functions. Firstly the nature is very beautiful and a perfect excursion destination with its preapared picnic areas, nice recreational paths as well as the large areas to play and fool around in. Morover the wetland has an important task for both the nature and the environment.

The area is charterd by Trosa kommun and was inaugurated in 2001. The area was built to further purify the water coming from the sewage plant before it reaches the estuary. During the water´s journey towards the river the soil and vegetation takes care of the few unhealty microorganisms that still exist, as well as the fertilizing substances like phosphours and nitrogen.

Life thrives in the area. Many birds need wetlands to survive and several have found their way here. For example, you can see moorhen, slavonian grebe, water rail and little grebe.

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Våtmarksområdet i Vagnhärad är omkring 2ha stort.


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