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Södra Lämund

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In the past, cattle roamed here, but now the old forest has been untouched for a long time. Instead, it is now home to a variety of insects and plants, many rare ones, which are often found in forests that have been grazed long time ago. The soil here is calcareous.

Some of the trees in the forest at Södra Lämund are over 200 years old. The terrain here is quite difficult to navigate, both because of the dead trees laying on the ground but also due to the hills and rock outcrops. It is not always possible to follow a path here as most paths are trampled by wild animals and suddenly come to an end, but it can be worth braving the rough terrain as the forest is rich in mushrooms.

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Södra Lämund är ett 15-9 ha stort naturreservat där delar av det också ingår i Natura 2000.


Det finns ingen allmän parkering i närheten, lättaste sättet att ta sig hit är med cykel.

Wskazówki dojazdu

Road 767 south to Örbyholm. Turn left towards Kalkholmen and after a few kilometers at Grönsö, turn left towards N Lemund and Eriksdal.


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