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Wędrówki piesze

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Szczegóły dotyczące szlaku

  • Długość 5.7 km
  • Trudność Niebieski - średni



Along a cultural trail of six kilometers you can see interesting remains from old buildings and forgotten activities. During the 19th century, meager agriculture made it difficult for the locals in the southern Pjätteryd parish to support themselves. Large families and poor agriculture made it necessary to look for other ways to earn an income. The surrounding area was especially known for tar burning and pitch cooking. Along the loop there are no less than 19 information signs with stories about what you pass. It's everything from potato pits to plague cemetery.

A compliment to Pjätteryds hembygdsförening who created, and maintains, this fine cultural trail.

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  • Wędrówki piesze Wędrówki piesze
  • Bieganie Bieganie
  • Kulturstig Kulturstig


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