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Ljuva mon, Naturreservat

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The nature reserve consists of ridges, hills, terraces, depressions, pine bogs and very beautiful pine forest. During the 18th century, the area was called Uvamo, and perhaps that name indicates that wolves have nested here in the past. The reserve is located near the bathing area in Linneryd and you can discover it through several hiking trails that are here.

Ljuva mon, protected since 1985, is 135 hectares in size and bounded by Rolsmosjön and Linnerydsjön. In the reserve, a lot of berry rice and mugwort grow, but here you will also find Småland's landscape flower Linnéa.

On the shores, crow's-whisker and honeysuckle grow. Mjölon berries look like lingonberries but are not so tasty, on the other hand, the berries have been used for plant coloring as they give a strong yellow color.

Read more about Ljuva Mons nature reserve on the County Administrative Board's website.

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