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Norra Stenkustrundan

Jazda na rowerze

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  • Długość 22.2 km



It is difficult to do this road justice in both image and text. We can only say a warm welcome to one of Sweden's most beautiful coastal roads. Whether you visit it in spring, summer, autumn or winter you will be greeted by magnificent views and a peace that is like a balm for the soul. Along the route you will cycle around Öland's only lake - Hornsjön - but also past Byrum and the cosy village of Löttorp, where you'll find everything from bakeries and supermarkets to restaurants.


Bring your coffee from Löttorp and stop along the way the coastal road and enjoy the peace and quiet of Öland and the unbeatable scenery. We promise you won't be disappointed. If you want to get the most out of this cycling tour, experience it when the sun is setting.

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Działania i udogodnienia

  • Jazda na rowerze Jazda na rowerze


Distance: 22.2 km

Altitude: 64m

Surface: gravel and asphalt

Bus stops: Löttorp centrum



Gravel and asphalt


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