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  • Długość 14.9 km



Next to well-cut greens and along narrow dirt roads with a direct proximity to two beautiful golf courses and Kalmarsund. Here the surface mixes between grass, forest trails and smaller gravel roads in a perfect blend of nature and adventure on Ekerum Resort Öland's mountain bike trails. Despite Öland's flat landscape, the trail offers some minor climbs and nice descents ending with a long tough climb from the water back up to Ekerum Resort Öland again. A trail made for a nice workout or a relaxing nature walk.

At Ekerum Resort Öland you will find padel and tennis courts, restaurant, golf courses, accommodation, spa and much more.

Tip: Bring a coffee and make a stop to enjoy the beautiful scenery and listen to the sound of the waves meeting the land.

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    Gårdsvägen 22

    387 92 Borgholm


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  • Mountainbike Mountainbike
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Terrain The tour is mostly on nature trails and gravel roads with short grass sections.

Information Don't miss Ekerum Resort Öland's two other trails for mountain biking, Ekerum green and black.

Rent equipment At Ekerum Resort Öland it is also possible to rent a mountain bike.

Signposting The entire tour follows the orange markings of the mountain bike trail.

Season This route can be experienced all year round.

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Rundan går mestadels på naturstigar och grusvägar med kortare inslag av gräs.


Finns tillgång till en stor parkering i anslutning till Ekerum Resort Öland

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