Öppen stuga vid Risön, Florarna

  • Nähe eines Parkplatzes
  • Nähe einer Toilette
  • Kabine

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  • 3. The Florarna walk, 10 kilometres

    20. Okt

    Suitable for: Those who want to have a nice one-day hike with a wilderness feel in Uppsala County’s biggest nature reserve. Distance: 10 kilometres Start/end: Stormon in the south or Risön in the north Facilities: Shelter by Stormon, break spots at Grillholmen, Staffansholmen and Risön. Overnight cottage in Risön and Västergärde Water: Tap on one of the buildings at Risön, available May – Oct Terrain: Forest paths, foot-bridges Nature type: Forests, bogs Fragrant bogs, lek...