Upplandsleden, slinga 23:1, Torslundaslingan


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Details zum Weg

  • Länge 7.5 km



Walk 23:1, connected to The Uppland Trail, passes through the nature reserves of the Vånsjöåsen Ridge and Torslundagropen. The start and end points are at the parking area at nature reserve Vånsjöåsen, almost 10 kilometres north of Enköping. You’ll start with a hike northward on the beautiful ridge. Many pasque flowers bloom here in April, and there is a burial ground that is almost 2,000 years old. One kilometre ahead is nature reserve Torslundagropen, with an old gravel pit in the ridge. By the picnic table at the top of the ridge, you can take a break and get a view of the area. The hike continues on easy-to-walk field roads, and a brief section on a country road. Via Torslunda and Kylsta, where you can take a brief detour to Härnevi’s mill, you’ll return to Vånsjöåsen.

Difficulty level: Easy, except for a steep ascent to the rest spot on the ridge.

Aktivitäten und Einrichtungen

  • Wandern Wandern
  • Rundslinga Rundslinga


Reservatet Vånsjöåsens naturreservat ligger ca 10 km norr om Enköping. Från väg 70, sväng höger alldeles norr om Enköping mot Torstuna. Kör 10 km fram till Vånsjö. Reservatets parkering ligger på en avtagsväg in till höger.




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