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Västanvik rundslinga, Östgötaleden

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  • Długość 10.0 km
  • Czas 3 godz
  • Trudność Niebieski - średni



In Västanvik, Östgötaleden's trail runs in an archipelago-like environment right by Lake Vättern. The trail, which is 10 km long, mostly follows paths along the shores of Lake Vättern among old pine trees with fantastic views over Lake Vättern. Parts of the trail go through a swamp forest on a paved trail and next to sheep pastures and a wetland. Smaller sections the trail is on small roads near the urban area. The trail has a bird tower and a newly built windbreak. Evenly distributed along the trail, there are bathing areas and firesites with nice views over Lake Vättern. There is also a dry dock at two of Västanvik's ports, open from spring to the end of October. You should bring your own charcoal to the firesites. In several places the trail goes over slightly steeper mountains and cliffs and is therefore not adapted for the disabled and prams. In several places along the trail there are benches and sometimes even tables for those who want to take a coffee break.

The trail passes near a stone setting from the Bronze / Iron Age in the northwestern edge of the headland. There is also a rock coffin and a pothole near the bus stop Åtorpsvägen, as well as several crofts.

Västanviks samfällighetsförening owns the land, including the old pine forest, along the entire trail and it is the residents in the area who take care of the trail and all outdoor facilities.

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    591 97 Motala


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Grus, asfalt, spång, berg i dagen ...


I Medevi brunn.


Buss går vissa tider till Medevi och Västanvik.

Wskazówki dojazdu

By car, drive from RV 50 towards Medevi and park at Medevi well or towards Västanvik and park near the intersection Åtorpsvägen, at the sign Welcome to Västanvik. By bus go to Medevi well or the stop Åtorpsvägen in Västanvik.




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