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What shall I do with the waste?
Litter injures animals and people, spreads chemicals and affects outdoor life and the tourist industry in a highly negative way. Above all, littering is banned in Sweden. The ban applies in places the public has access to and which are in public view, and it applies to everyone – even the owner of the land.

It is primarily the individuals, you and I, who are responsible for not littering in the mountains. Always have a waste bag packed for your own waste, and to pick up other people's waste you may see. If we all do our bit, we will help nature enormously. Leave the place as it was when you came – be sure to have an extra look around before you leave. One tip is to think of the quantity of waste already when planning and packing for your tool. If you reduce the amount of packaging you will also benefit from a lighter backpack.

The County Administrative Board does not collect refuse in the mountains.

Going to the toilet in the mountains
Try to make use of the toilets there are along the trail. At every mountain cabin and stopover cabin there is a latrine. At a small number of places along the trails, separate latrines are also placed. They are marked in the app Norrbotten’s Nature Map.

If you need to go to the toilet during your hike, remember to walk away from the trail. Choose a place where nobody will later risk of treading in your excrement. Never relieve yourself in or near a watercourse – that can spread microorganisms in the water. There can be someone further downstream who takes water for drinking or cooking. Dig a little pit if possible, and cover the pit with earth when you have finished. Otherwise look for a stone, relieve yourself, then place the stone on top. Bury the toilet paper in the pit or use a waste bag. NOTE! In Abisko National Park, you are not alllowed to dig, instead cover the excrement with stones and take your toilet paper with you. But primarily, make use of the latrines that are in the national park.

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