Upplandsleden, slinga 8:1, Pansaruddenslingan - BORTTAGEN


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Pansaruddenslingan, slinga 8:1, är sedan våren 2022 borttagen som Upplandsled eftersom skogen slingan går igenom har drabbats hårt av granbarkborreangrepp. I stort sett all granskog ute på själva Pansarudden har dött.


This walk, through nature reserve Pansarudden, suits those who want a hiking challenge, at least for half of the section. The hike starts and ends at the southern parking area of Pansarudden. You’ll follow the path marked with red, either starting with the easier to walk forest road, or turning left after the parking area, putting the easier part at the end of the walk. Nature reserve Pansarudden is a real wilderness, with old, beautiful forests, bogs and marshes. Owls and other large forest-dwelling birds, lynx, and insects that live in fallen trees make this area their home. The ground is hilly, and it can be difficult to walk between the big, moss-covered boulders.

About halfway, at the furthest point of the Pansarudden Peninsula, you’ll come across Lake Vällen. At Pansarudden’s southern parking area, there is a rest spot with a picnic table.

Difficulty level: Medium/hard, half of it on slightly rugged forest paths with lots of boulders, half on a forest road for cars.

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