Bicycle Children's Cancer Fund Race

Deze gebeurtenis is uit het verleden

Het was het laatst gepland op 20 augustus 2022 om 10:00.


  • Bike4Life - Team Växjö
    Bike4Life - Team Växjö
  • Foto: Hans Runesson

Start at Strandbjörket on Saturday, August 28th between 9:00 - 10:00 am.

Welcome to bicycle together at the Children's Cancer Fund Race in Växjö to create a more dignified life for seriously ill children. We start between 9 - 10 am from Strandbjörket and to participate costs 150 SEK per person. All the funded money goes directly to the Child Cancer Foundation South. Choose between the distance 45 km or a shorter round of 20 km and bicycle safely at your own pace on the route Round Växjö. Bicycling events and other activities for children are organized in beautiful Strandbjörket during the day.


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