Come out and enjoy the tranquility of nature in Tivedens nationalpark


  • Municipality: Tiveden
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Stay in hostel Tivedstorp and follow a guided walk with David from Naturguide Tiveden. You will experience a part of the Tiveden National Park with exciting descriptions. Tivedens National Park is one of Sweden's most beautiful. To a large extent stigmatized and unavailable but also infinitely inviting. The softest mosses, clear lakes and breathtaking views surround the trails used since ancient times. The walk takes place on old trails, which we also go outside, to truly experience the tranquility and silence of the wilderness. The focus is on finding your very own place where you can relax and enjoy the tranquility of nature.


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Activities And Facilities

  • Package Package


The package includes a stay at the hostel, full board meals and a guide tour (3 hours)

Program:Day 1: You travel by yourself to Tivedstorp. Here waits a delicious evening meal in our restaurant.

Day 2: Breakfast in the restaurant, where you get also your packed lunch. You go by yourself to Kölnavattnet, north of the National Park, where the guide waits. The tour takes 3 hours.

It is possible to rent a bike at Tivedstorp.

Price idea: 1485 kr/person in double room. Extra night: 250 kr/person.

Included in the price:

  • Stay of one night in a double room with linnenpackage at Tivedstorp

  • Every meal for this stay, diner, breakfastbuffet and packed lunch

  • Endcleaning

Booking possible on thursdays: 29 juni - 17 aug.

Contact: [email protected] 0584-472090

Advicable to take with you: Thermos, rain clothes, warm shirt and backpack. Water resistant boots are the best shoes option.



Har du frågor om ditt besök i Tiveden kan du ringa till telefon 010-224 86 11 där turistinformatörer från Laxå, Askersund och Karlsborg svarar på dina frågor.

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