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Trail details

  • Length 8.1 km



This tour starts at Haga Park's beach on Southern Öland about 10 kilometers south of Färjestaden. This is one of Sweden's surf spots and offers amazingly beautiful cycling along the sea, especially in the evening with a beautiful sunset over Kalmarsund.

Before you cycle off, take a short walk north to Beijershamn, a fantastic bird area with incredibly beautiful views.

But, let's get on the bike. We cycle right along the beach and of course there are great opportunities to swim, almost anytime during this round trip. We also pass Eco by Strandnära, a lovely place that serves good coffee, food and ice cream and offers overnight accommodation. Right on the strait is the Stora Seö farm, which in recent years has become famous for its pizzas made the Neapolitan way. The whole stretch of shoreline here offers stunning scenery, bright blue water, steep slopes and magical pine forests.

Keep your tongue firmly in your cheek, as some parts of the path are steep.

This tour offers countless opportunities for coffee stops, swimming and lots of lovely scenery. It's also possible to take a short break if your legs get tired.

Here it is important to bear in mind that there may be a lot of people strolling. Take it easy and show consideration. But above all, enjoy the view.

See part of the tour in the video below:

Activities And Facilities

  • Biking Biking
  • Running Running
  • Walking Walking


Distance: 8 km

Altitude: 32 m (1/5 i svårighetsgrad)

Terrain: 60% path, 30% gravel, 10% asphalt. 100% fun for the whole family! We recommend a bike with broader weels for an easier use.


Busshållplatser: Haga Park (1 km), Stora Frö (1 km), Lilla Frö (1 km)


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