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  • Length 40.7 km



The brewery tour goes past Öland's three largest breweries, hence the name. If you want to stop at one of the breweries during your bike tour, it is important to check their websites or other contact channels before your planned visit. Opening hours vary depending on the season and sometimes the breweries also have planned activities that must be booked in advance.

The brewery tour starts in Rälla at the microbrewery Fireside Brewery, where craft beer is brewed in a cosy setting. There's also a garden restaurant where the barbecue heats up when in season. Then it's off into the great outdoors. The surroundings here are stunning! Lush and green, weather permitting. Via the avenue we head towards Vipetorp and on to lovely Sörby where the second brewery on the tour, Kackelstugan, is located. The farm's concert programme is impressive, with major artists coming here every year. In addition, just as the name suggests, there is some really good chicken served, which can be enjoyed with the farm's home-brewed beer.

We roll on inland via Karås along pleasant paths and tractor roads to Åketorp and Tomteby. In Räpplinge we find the beautiful church and then we arrive at Äpplerum with the lamb shop, where we can highly recommend a stop. We continue through varied landscapes and soon pass the picturesque village of Lindby Tall with Skedemosse Gård, where the smell of beer is again present. In the 19th century there was a brewery on the farm and now the owners Olof and Ellen af Wåhlberg have resumed the tradition of brewing wonderfully frothy beer. Skedemosse was once one of Sweden's most important sacrificial sites, and here you can really feel the wings of history.

If we continue on our way, we come to Skedås by the back way (is there even a front way?). We cycle on gravel roads through open fields to Sättra and the Andelsmejeriet B&B. Soon we pass Odens Flisor, two mighty limestone chips, about 3 meters high, which according to legend were originally one big stone. It is said that it cracked when Odin stuck his sword through the stone to tame his horse, Sleipner. Soon we head back towards Rälla via Rönnerums Fornby and into Rönnerum where Eufemias fleppis will be the last stop before returning to the starting point.

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Distance: 40,7 km

Altitude: 111m (2/5 svårighetsgrad)


Bus stops: Busshållplatser: Rälla centrum, Störlinge, Östra Sörby, Lindby Västra, Räpplinge kyrka, Ekerum


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