Nature reserve

Käringahejan naturreservat

Nature reserve

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Here the valley descends steeply down to the Mörrumsån river and lovely hiking trails follow the beaches with beautiful places to stop.

Some remains of earlier haymaking and grazing land can be seen along the river. The power of the water has also been used in the past and in the south of the area there is a bone crusher dating from 1877, which was used to crush bone meal for plant fertiliser. The bone crusher was in operation until 1914 and today the building has been restored. There are numerous historic sites along the riverbank, including the remains of several mills.

Mörrumsån is one of the most species-rich watercourses in Sweden, known internationally for its salmon fishing. The river runs through a rift valley and there are long stretches of rapids with foaming water. Ancient woodland grows on the steep slopes, with pine, beech and oak trees.

The rules for the nature reserve are shown in the link below, but, for example, you are not allowed to let a dog off a lead, pitch a tent or park a caravan, light a fire other than in a designated spot, or ride a horse or cycle other than on roads where this is permitted.

Source: County Administrative Board


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The Mörrumsån river flows through this 4.5 km long nature reserve in a deep rift valley. Drive northwards from Svängsta to Hemsjö. Follow the signs. There is parking on the west and east sides of the river. Or continue northwards and turn off towards Ebbamåla. There is parking on both sides of the river.

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